About the company

The ultimate mission is to deliver consulting services with core competencies and experience  for creating sustainable development and meeting the highest national and international standards in harmony with the globalization and information technology revolution to protect the environment; preserve the original state of the environment; prevent of ecological failure; identify potential negative impacts on the environment, society and human health; recommend measures to reduce and eliminate negative impacts; to assess potential risks; to determine the results in relation to climate change trends and natural disasters; to improve the industrial environmental management; to protect and prevent of economic losses, to support clean production and clean technology; and to promote environmentally friendly and rational consumption.

Our goals are set to:

  • provide professional and scienfitic based services to the clients for  promoting sustainable development concepts, and meeting national and international standards;
  • to assess impacts accurately and recommend mitigation an elimination actions in line with project activities by involving leading scientists in preparing environmental impact assessment, making research and analysis;
  • to recommend the latest advanced technology in the environmental impact assessment for promoting clean management, clean production, clean technology as well as ensuring  efficient operation of an industry and preventing from potential economic risks;
  • to identify potential negative impacts on the environment, society and human health, and determine mitigation measures for protection of the environment, conservation of natural original state and prevent of ecological imbalance;
  • to assess possible impacts and risks and consider relevance to climate change and natural disasters;
  • to cooperate with governmental and non-governmental organizations, scientific and research bodies;
  • to expand foreign relations and cooperation.

Published: 2018-02-21 07:09:54