Environment and health impact assessment is a process to determine whether the health and safety of the population and individuals are being ensured in the context of current, proposed or planned policies, programs or changes in legislation. The assessment plans and implements action and measures to reduce and eliminate potential negative impacts on health of total population and groups of the population.


Environment & Health impact assessment covers research and analysis to assess the impact and risks on health of population in following stages. These include:

  1. Assess factors affecting human health and determine the adverse effects of the environment on human health, as well as the type, extent and scope of adverse effects and risks;
  2. Determine the acceptable level of risks and adverse effects on human health;
  3. Recommend mitigation and elimination measures taking into account social and economic factors, and the most feasible option based on comparison  and analysis of risk mitigation strategy alternatives
  4. Environmental health impact assessment can identify potential adverse impacts on human health, their sources, and the actual economic damage, as well as the how will affect or harm aesthetic and psychology so that cannot be measured in monetary terms.

Published: 2018-03-08 11:48:48