Cumulative impact assessment shall mean the analysis of all effects with regard to human health, both combined and duplicate, on a particular area and basin and the environment from various projects implemented by individuals, business entities, and organizations and proposing proper mitigation measures;



  1. The cumulative impact assessment shall be conducted by a professional organization authorized by the Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism.
  2. The Minister of Nature, Environment and Tourism may, if necessary, appoint a professional team to conduct cumulative impact assessment.
  3. The Minister of Nature, Environment and Tourism and the Minister of Health shall jointly approve the terms of reference for the cumulative impact assessment.
  4. The professional organization shall conduct cumulative impact assessment assessment in accordance with terms of reference and prepare a report with conclusions and recommendations. This includes:
    • Environmental baseline;
    • Identification of  key impacts on the environment, society and human health in the region;
    • Intensity and extent of cumulative impacts (time, space), distribution;
    • Sources of cumulative impact and receptors;
    • Mitigation measures, required cost and their options;
    • Assessment of cumulative adverse effects on environment, society and human health;
    • Proposed action plans and monitoring indicators for their implementation;
    • Findings from public consultations in affected areas;
    • Conclusions and recommendations.
  5. A professional organization that conducted the assessment shall submit the assessment report to the MNET.
  6. The Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism shall post the cumulative impact assessment report and conclusion (recommendation) on its website for 14 working days for public comments.
  7. The Cumulative Impact Assessment Report is discussed and concluded by the Professional Council.
  8. The Professional Council shall submit to the Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism a report and further measures to be taken in the region.


Published: 2018-03-08 11:56:03