Mining and oil projects develop rehabilitation and closure management plans at least three years before the mine closure and receives comment from the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry and the Minerals Authority, and submit them to the MNET. If the mine is to be closed in whole or in part, the Specialized Inspection Agency shall be notified in writing at least one year in advance. Key measures and activities shall be taken in accordance with the procedures issued by the Specialized Inspection Agency. They includes:

  1. To take appropriate measures to make the mine site safe for public use and to rehabilitate and restore the environment;
  2. To take measures to prevent of any dangers for the potential use of mine land for public purposes;
  3. To remove machinery, equipment and assets from the site except as permitted by the local authorities or specialized inspection agency
  4. To develop land disturbance mapping and place necessary signs and precautionary board to be received by specialized inspection agency and soum, bag and district governors.


Our company provides professional consulting services on mine closure and rehabilitation management plans. The services include: 

  1. Develop a closure policy and rehabilitation plan of long lasting mining project;
  2. Plan rehabilitation direction, scope of work, technology, post-closure control, sources of funding for the feasibility study and project;
  3. Consider the results of EIA in the proposed area to develop a closure policy;
  4. Develop a plan for the location and storage of stripped soils, rocks, internal and external stockpiles, and topsoil stockpiles;
  5. Calculate mine closure and rehabilitation cost;
  6. Plan the annual rehabilitation work to be carried out during the operation of the mine in accordance with the closure operations;
  7. Create conditions in the mine closure and rehabilitation management plan that can be updated annually in line with the performance of the rehabilitation work and changes in prices during the year;
  8. Develop annual rehabilitation plans, performance reports, related drawings, and community handover plans and recommendations to facilitate the implementation of the mine closure policy;
  9. Provide clear information to local communities on the annual operation of the mine and the progress of the rehabilitation work, and ensure their participation.

Published: 2018-03-08 12:02:58