Environmental damage assessment determines and calculates the actual amount of damage and changes in the environment and natural resources during the use of natural resources, mining and other production and services, and the amount of costs and compensation required for its rehabilitation.

Citizens, business entities and organizations are obliged to pay compensation for any damages to the environment and natural resources. The law regulates compensation amount based on the ecological and economic assessment of the type of natural resource. They are:

  1. 3 times higher for damage to the forest resources;
  2. 2 times higher for the damage to fauna;
  3. 5 times higher for damage to flora;
  4. 3 times higher for damage to water resources;
  5. 3 times higher for damage to land resources;
  6. 2 times higher for damage to the subsoil;
  7. 3 times higher for soil damage;


The estimation of environmental damage determines the actual amount of potential damage to the environment for each natural component to calculate the total potential damages. Damages should be classified in terms of cause as shortage caused damage and pollution caused damage as shown below:

  1. Loss and damages caused by shortage of natural resources
    1. Damage to land
    2. Damage to the subsoil
    3. Damage to Atmosphere
    4. Damage to soil cover
    5. Damage to surface and groundwater resources
    6. Damage to forest resources
    7. Damage to vegetation cover.
    8. Damage to wildlife.
  1. Damage caused by Environmental pollution
    1. Damage caused by discharge of pollutants into natural reservoirs, rivers, lakes and ponds;
    2. Deterioration of air quality due to emissions of dust and toxic gases;
    3. Soil pollution and contamination from leakage of hazardous and toxic chemicals and other solid wastes
  2. Costs of technical and biological rehabilitation of land disturbed during mining activities, production and services
  3. Penalties shall be imposed for each of the work costs estimated by the professional organization for the environmental damage assessment.

Published: 2018-03-08 12:06:47